Change in Address, Name and Authorized Share Capital of Company or LLP

Over the course of time, many changes can occur in your company—from change of name to address, and authorized capital. With the expert advice and proficient team from Startuppandits, you can take care of all the needs on time.

Registered Office Address Change of LLP/Company

Registered office of a company/LLP is the place where all communications and reminders are sent from and received at. It is the registered office that receives all the communications and intimations that are sent by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and all other government departments. Therefore, the registered office of a company is exceptionally important for a company/LLP for a range of purposes and as a single point of contact for to government, customers, shareholders, vendors and general public.

The Companies Act, 2013 has made it mandatory that all businesses must inform the Registrar of Companies about the changes to the location of the registered office at times. The Company Law Board must pass a resolution about the change of registered office of the company and a notice concerning the same needs to be submitted in 30 days of address change to the Registrar of Companies under which the company was incorporated. 

Change in Address, Name and Authorized Share Capital of Company or LLP

The company must also advertise in the newspaper about the change of the address before the change and the state government must also be informed about the same if the registered office is shifted from one state to another.

The Address Change Can in Following Modes;

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Change of LLP/Company Name

After the incorporation of a company or LLP, the promoters of the same can change the address as they choose. Some of the major reasons that facilitate change of name can be the change of promoters and business model and for marketing and rebranding purpose along with others.  Change of name can be processes after getting the approval from the shareholders as well as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The following major steps are followed while changing the name of Company/LLP;

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Change in Authorized Capital of the Company

It is based on the Authorized Capital as mentioned in the MOA and AOA of a company at the time of incorporation that a company issues its shares. No company can issue shares more than its Authorized Capital. However, as company grows, it needs find more investments and money for a range of business expansion and growth purposes. In such situations, there is a provision for businesses to enhance its authorized capital with the approval of the ROC and the shareholders. Here the Board of Directors can pass a resolution in the board meeting to enhance the Authorized Capital and modify the MOA and AOA incorporating the change.

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Change of LLP Agreement

Unlike a company, when it comes to an LLP, it is the Charter of LLP that decides on everything relating to the partnership. Apart from being the agreement between the partners, the Charter of LLP explains its operations along with the rights, responsibilities and obligations of each partner. If an LLP wishes to change the LLP Agreement, all partners must pass a resolution to revise the agreement. Once the change is approved, the changed LLP Agreement must be presented to the ROC with Form 3 to the respective ROC in 30 days. In such events as the change of authorized capital of LLP, its name and registered office and/or can lead to changes in LLP Agreement.

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