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An experienced team of expert professionals to help creators of any kind to protect their hard-work and creation from all genuses of infringements through registration, we offer the best copyright registration in Pune.

Copyright Registration Services in Pune

Are you a creator crafting fantastic, unique work that you wish to protect from others blatantly rip off and use? Did you know you can do that with the help of the laws of the country? If you did not know, we can help you with all the support you need to legally protect your work from being used by others without your permission. Since it is on the wings of creativity that each society, and the world at large, advances, it must always be supported, encouraged. That’s where copyright registration can help you as it offers legal protection of the work done by artists, musicians, writers, designers, original sound recordists, architects, cinematographers and software programmers.

In India copyright registration in carried under the framework established by the Copyright Act 1957. Under the purview of the act, a creator is offered with the rights of reproduction, Copyright is also considered an integral part of intellectual properties such as Trademarks and Patents under the act. the rights of communication to the public, and adaptation and translation of the work. The registration endows the creator with the sole right to use, reproduce or grant permission to use his/her work registered under the act. 

Copyright Registration in India

As such, no matter what kind of creative work you do and what vertical you operate at, in order to protect your creations from others using it, ripping it off or reproducing them without you knowing or compensating you for the same cannot be allowed since you have a legal title to it. Therefore, you need to take all the steps to prevent the same from happening. That’s where copy right registration can help you.

With years’ of experience and procedural know-how in the industry, StartupPandits is positioned to offer the most comprehensive copyright registration in Pune at highly affordable service rates.

The Basic Requirements for Copyright Registration

Details of the Applicant: In order to file the application for copyright registration, all the necessary details of the applicant such as the name, address and nationality along with other details required by the application are necessary to be obtained.

Softcopies and CDs of Work: The applicant must create a softcopy or CD containing the work being submitted for the registration in JPEG, JPG or GIF format preferably. If the application is to register any software programs, CDs or DVDs containing the same must be prepared, as well.

Secure Trademark Certification for Artistic Work: If you are trying to secure copyright registration for any kind of artistry work, a clear, lucid copyright search certificate must be received from the trademark office prior to the submission of the application.

Power of Attorney: If the applicant is submitting the application for copyright registration through an agency or a lawyer, a power of attorney duly filled and signed by the applicant must be appended with the application for copyright registration.

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Required Documents

  • A Power of Attorney (neither notarization nor consular legalization required) to be executed by an individual or a representative of a corporation, on a Stamp Paper of Rs.100/- Rupees One Hundred;
  • Soft copy of the work (Preferably in JPEG, JPG or GIF file formats) along with (4) four hard copies of the work;
  • For computer programs four copies of the program on CD ROMs or DVDs;
  • If the work is an “Artistic Work” which can be used as a Trademark, firstly clear copyright search certificate has to be obtained from the Trademark office and only thereafter, application for copyright can be filed in the copyright office.
  • Identity proof (Voting Card, Driving Licence, Passport)
  • Address proof (Passbook, Utility bills)

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Why Choose Us-the Best Name for Copyright Registration in Pune

A reliable and responsible name in the business of copyright registration in Pune, StartupPandits has been on the forefront of offering some of the most value-adding and tailor-made copyright registration services in Pune. Since we understand that each client has diverse requirements as per the work they want to protect, we work around these needs to offer the most bespoke and affordable copyright registration services in Pune. Over the last decade, we have associated with a plethora of clients who are writers, musicians, artists, designers, architects, cinematographers, original sound recordists, and software programmers helping them all protect their work from unauthorized usage and infringement.

As we value the hard-work and efforts that go beyond your creations, we are always on a mission to ensure that your works are always protected with the help of the legal system envisaged to support you in this regard. One of the most unique aspects that make us the best place for copyright registration in India is our deep and profound knowledge of the processes, procedures and legalities when trying to for copyright registration in Pune. In addition, our exceptional experience in the industry has endowed us with exceptional network and associations to carry out the process quickest time possible.

StartupPandits also has one of the most effective and efficient teams in the business to support our clients meet their requirements right away. All our team members are professionally trained, experienced and qualified professionals who have been closely working with very many projects of copyright registration in Pune for clients from diverse business and industry verticals. As we understand and realize the needs of our clients to protect their work that they have invested their lives and time developing, we also offer the best affordable and economical services to all our clients. In our efforts to help the clients realize their needs of protecting their work, we never flinch away from the hard-work that is required. That’s what makes us the most preferred copyright registration company in Pune.


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