ISO Certification

Have your business certified with the preferred standard by the internationally accredited quality standard bodies. Add value to your business offerings and make your customers proud about you.

ISO Certification in India

As a business, do you give immense value to quality of your services and products? Do you think your customers give extreme importance to quality of the services and products you deliver? Are you a business that follows a plethora of international quality standards but the world does not know and you want them to know how special your products and services are? Getting an ISO certification is the best option you have in this regard. The acronym for International Organization for Standards, ISO ensures impeccable quality management system for a business when set rules and guidelines are adhered to.

For any business that wants to succeed and leave the customers satisfied with the quality of the products and service it offers, ISO certification is the best answer there is. It is also one of the most effective ways to assure enhanced customer engagement. If you are a business that wants to also enter the global business sector, ISO is one of the most effortless ways to do so. There are about 162 National Standard Bodies that monitor the quality standards as mandated by the ISO and give ISO certification.

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ISO Certification in India

Classification of ISO Certification Standards

  • ISO 9001: When the products and services of a company meet the expectations of the customers, this certification is given.
  • ISO 14001: When a company follows effective environmental management system, this certification is given.
  • OHSAS 18001: When a company follows effective health and safety management system, this certification is given.
  • ISO 20000: When a company follows effective food safety management system, this certification is given.
  • ISO 22000: When a company follows the best practice in IT services deliverance, this certification is given.
  • ISO 27001: When a company follows effective information security management system (ISMS), this certification is given.
  • ISO 50001: When a company follows effective energy management system helping in the preservation of natural resources this certification is given.
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Basic Requirements for ISO Certification

Proof of Business Registration: While applying for ISO certification, you must be able to submit a proof of incorporation for your business. It can be the Certification of Incorporation, MSME certificate, GST Certificate, or Trademark Certificate showing the legal registration status of your business.

Letterhead or Visiting Card: A letterhead or a visiting card with the address of the business that you are trying to get the ISO certification for must be presented with the application.

Invoice of the Business: In order to specify the nature of the business that you are trying to get the ISO certification for, a sale and purchase invoice in the name of the business must be submitted.

Advantages of ISO Certification

Entree to New Markets
International Values helps to prevent trade barriers and open up global markets

Cost Savings
International Values help to enhance operations and therefore improve the bottom line

Environmental Benefits
International Standards helps to reduce negative effects on the environment

Enhanced Customer Fulfillment
International Values help to improve quality, enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales

Increased Market Share
International Values helps to increase productivity and competitive advantage

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Having helped numerous clients in diverse capacities to get their ISO certifications at affordable costs and on time, StartupPandits has a unique approach to the ISO certification requirements of the clients. This approach of putting the needs of the clients first has made us the most trusted ISO certification consultants in India for all our clients. We know that the requirements of each of our clients and that they are unique. As such, we work relentlessly creating the most bespoke service offerings for ISO certification in India meeting the exact requirements of the clients. This has made us one of the most reliable ISO certification consultants in India.

Our ISO certification services in India are top-notch and timely that they will ensure that you get the certification in quickest possible time. Not only do we provide you with getting the certification but our expertise in the business for over a decade has helped us also provide support in the implementation of ISO 9001:2015. Our team of extremely trained and academically qualified professionals has helped our clients secure ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 20000, 22000, 27001 and other certifications from a variety of International Accreditation Forums.

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