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Do more for your business and let us take care of all your LLP ROC compliance requirements. Get professional help from StartupPandits for minimum LLP ROC compliances with our unique AMC programs.

LLP ROC Compliance Services in India

Limited Liability Partnerships are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Therefore LLPs are required to comply with certain provisions as per the office of the ROC as the act. In the event of any LLP failing or ignoring to comply with these compliance, they are liable for different types of penalties including, but not limited to, disqualification of their registration or blocking of the DINs of the Directors. The MCA is responsible for ensuring the statutory compliances as mandated by the ROCs that are established to support businesses in each state and union territory. Unlike a private limited company, LLPs have very minimum statutory compliances to meet such as filing of Form-11 and Form-08. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred forms of business registration in India.

We are an experienced firm that can help you comply with all of these statutory requirements pre and post-incorporation of your business. Talk to our client relations team now and secure an effective AMC with us. That way you can concentrate on running your business all the while being fully compliant with all statutory requirements.

ROC Compliance for Pvt. Ltd. Company

Pre-Incorporation/Mandatory Annual Compliances

Every Limited Liability Partnership must fulfill following annual mandatory compliances as ignoring them may lead you to face huge penalties. All Limited Liability Partnerships are statutorily required to be abided by all of the below-given legal compliances. Failing to do so or ignoring them will attract you heavy penalties and legal actions from the ROC.

Post-Incorporation/Event-Based Compliances

After the incorporation of an LLP, it must adhere to the following to ensure its smoothing running and functioning.

Why Choose StartupPandits for LLP Compliance Services in India?

Leveraging our immense experience in the field and impeccable expertise in LLP compliance services, StartupPandits has been rendering our clients with the most effective, value-adding and bespoke services. Boasting off the experience of more than a decade, we understand how the requirements of one client can different from another and that they need services that can meet their unique needs. This is what prompted us to create a myriad of Annual Maintenance Contract programs that help our clients keep adhering to the legal compliances without fail and without attracting any penalties.

Adhering to all of these said legal compliances requires a lot of time and dedicated team. However, LLPs most of the times do now have the required resource and time to do that since they need to focus on running the business effectively. This is the reason you need the support of an experienced, academic qualified and industrially trained team that can take care of the legal compliances as required while you can do the more important stuff—managing and expanding your business.

Our expertise in the domain has rendered us adept in all of the legal compliance requirements and we do that hassle-free on your behalf. Since we have a plethora of clients to be supported this way, we will assign an exclusive and dedicated account manager for you who will work with you as required. With top-notch and affordable AMCs from StartupPandits, you will never have to worry again about legal compliance ever again.


Please talk to our client relationship team to know more about the plan and to choose the most befitting AMC for you. We would love to make a plan as needed by you.

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