MSME Registration in Pune

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MSME Registration in Pune

Are you trying to avail the financial benefits or schemes from the government for your business? Do you need any financial support from the government to rent new machineries so that you can speed up your production?  Do you want to be eligible for government subsidies?  If your answer to these questions is yes, the best option you have here is MSME/SSI registration in Pune. Since the economy of India mostly depends on Micros, Small, Medium Enterprises and Small Scale Industries to the extent of 45% for its total industrial employment, the government has a plethora of plans to encourage these sectors. However, all of these are only possible if you have done your MSME registration as per the MSMED Act. In order to make the registration easier and hassle-free, the government has introduced an effortless process termed as Udyog Aadhar Registration. Similar to MSME registration, the Small Scale Industry (SSI) registration was introduced by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. And Staruppandits is an en expert in both of them.



MSME Registration in India

Though SSI registration can vary from one state to another, the registration process for MSME remains the same all through the country. For businesses operating in the MSME and SSI sectors, the registration helps them avail a range of assistance offered by such government departments like the, State Financial Corporations, Department of Industries and National Small Scale Industries Corporation for a variety of reasons.

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Categorization of MSMEs

Micro Enterprise: To be considered as Micro Manufacturing Enterprise, a business must have its plant and machinery investment is below Rs. 25 lakhs and to be considered a Micro Service Enterprise, a business must have the investment below Rs. 10 lakhs.

Small Enterprise: To be considered as Small Manufacturing Enterprise, a business must have its plant and machinery investment falling between Rs. 25 lakhs to 5 Crores and to be considered a Small Service Enterprise, a business must have the investment between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 5 Crores.

Medium Enterprise: To be considered as Medium Manufacturing Enterprise, a business must have its plant and machinery investment falling between Rs. 5 Crores to 10 Crores and to be considered a Medium Service Enterprise, a business must have the investment between Rs. 2 Cores to Rs. 5 Crores.

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Basic Requirements for MSME Registration

Address Proof of the Business: Whether you operate your business in your own building or rented one, you must submit any of the address proofs such as utility bill, property tax receipt, or rent agreement as the proof of your business address.

Sales and Purchase Invoice: In order to indicate the nature of the business activities, you must be able to submit the invoice for the sales and purchases of your business for which you are trying to get the MSME/SSI registration done.

Partnership Deed/MOA and AOA: If you are a partnership firm, you must produce the partnership deed or MOA and AOA in case of you are a registered company at the time of submitting the application for MSME or SSI registration.

Copy of License and Bills of Machinery BoughtIf demanded to be supplied by the registration authority, the applicant must be able to produce the business’ industrial license and the purchase bills of the machineries for the operation of your business.

Advantages of Registering MSMEs

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