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One Person Company (OPC) Registration in Pune

Have you endowed with all the capabilities and financial wherewithal to start your own business venture? Are you in search of a business registration option where you can get the benefit of a proprietorship and a corporate business? The best option you have it to go for a one person registration. Envisaged by the Company Act, 2013, One Person Company is a novel introduction which helps various aspiring business-persons form a single-person economy entity that can enjoy the benefits of both proprietorship and corporate business without the limitations of either. One Person Company acts as a fully-capable legal and economic entity offering limited liability to its lone shareholder. If you are a business-person that wants to test the viability of your business idea and attract investors to your company, this is the best option you have in the market now. If you are in need of an experienced company to help you with all the legal requirements for OPC Registration in Pune, we can help you.

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One Person Company – What does that Mean to You?

According to Section 2(62) of the Company Act, 2013, a company registered with a sole director and a single nominee is termed as a one person company. This helps an entrepreneur operate a business entity with the protection of limited liability and ease of operation of a proprietorship. This has become one of the most-preferred types of registration for a bevy of new entrepreneurs since it offers exceptional growth opportunities for the business all the while limiting the liability to the extent of investment of the director. It also provides the option to be converted to a limited liability company when the paid up capital exceeds Rs. 5,000,000.
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Basic Requirements to Start an OPC

Unique Name: Your business must have a unique name that is not identical, similar of same as that of any other existing companies or business entity operating.

Capital Requirements: In order to register as a one person company, you must have a minimum authorized capital of Rs. 100,000 and a paid-up capital of Rs. 2.0. This means that with lowest possible investments, you can start your company.

Minimum Number of Persons: If you are to register an OPC, a single director and a single nominee would suffice for the registration.


Required Documents

Minimum Requirements

What You Get ?

  • Pan Card ( mandatory)
  • Permanent Address Proof e.g. Voting card / Passport / Driving License (any1)
  • Current Address Proof e.g. Bank statement / Updated Passbook / Post paid mobile bill ( any 1)
  • 1 photograph each
  • Registered Office Document Proofs e.g. 1. Electricity Bill (if owned)
  • 1. Rent Agreement 2. NOC from Owner 3. Electricity Bill (if rented).
  • Minimum One Shareholder
  • Minimum One Director
  • The director and shareholder can be the same person
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the Director
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for all Director.
  • Minimum 1 lack authorized capital required
  • DIN of Single Director.
  • Digital Signature for Single Director with 2 yrs. validity.
  • Company Name Approval.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of association (AOA)
  • Stamp Papers / Notary / Attestations by StartupPandits.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Pan
  • Tan
  • Company Stamper.(FREE)
  • GST Registration. (FREE)

What are the advantages of One Person Company?

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If you are trying to find an experienced and expert service provider that has profound know-how for OPC registration in Pune, you have come to the right place. With extensive experience of about a decade, we have associated with a range of entrepreneurs helping them realize their dreams of starting their own companies. We know all the legalities, governmental conformities and the paperwork required while registering a one person company. What makes us extremely different and more effective from the rest of the players though is our committed and dedicated endeavors to see our clients happy and satisfied.

As a client-centric business for OPC registration in Pune, we have envisaged a highly unique, methodical and meticulous service deliverance system that helps the clients get their registration done quickly and without any unnecessary delay. When it comes to one person company registration in Pune, we understand the places to go, authorities to meet and actions to take to ensure that the registration process is completed within the shortest-period possible. We are also endowed with one of the best and most skilled teams in the business to help our clients meet all of their requirements in a jiffy. All our team members are carefully selected, extensively trained and academically qualified to carry out the tasks they are assigned with.

OPC Registration in India
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