Partnership Firm Registration in Pune

We render extensive legal advisory support and tailor-made partnership firm registration services in Pune.

Partnership Firm Registration in Pune

Are you a group of similar-thinking people that want to start a business together? Do you wish to register a business entity that protects all your interests collectively and appeal to every partner perfectly? The best option that we, an experienced and skilled company for partnership firm registration in Pune, can offer you is a partnership firm. It is not only simple and easy to incept but also exceptionally supporting to all the partners as per their investments. With extremely less paperwork and with a minimum of two and a maximum of twenty members. Aspiring entrepreneurs can begin their business registering with the Registrar of Partnership Firms right away.

By the nature of the registration, partnership firm is not considered a separate legal entity and hence the liabilities of the firm are the liabilities of the partners. The ownership of the firm cannot be transferred to a nominee when a partner is non-existent or on his/her expiry. In Maharashtra, the application must be done online which is not mandatory for other states.

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Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership Firm – What Does It Mean to You?

A partnership is a written formal arrangement between two or more persons termed as partners to incept, manage and operate a business and share its profits as per their investment and/or agreed percentages. It is one of the most effective and easiest forms of business registration for people looking for extensive flexibility of operations for their business functions.

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The Basic Requirements to Start

Select Any Name: As your business is not getting registered with any government authority or department, you can choose any name for it as you please.

Partnership Deed: You must have a partnership deed constructed clearly in agreement between all involved parties stating all the details of the deed’s terms and conditions.

Shop Act or GSTIN and Current Account: You must register with Shop Act or NOC is mandatory. In you are not keen with it, having a GSTIN and a Current Account is a must.

Required Documents

Minimum Requirements

What You Get ?

  • PAN card of Directors
  • Address Proof of Directors (Passbook, Utility Bills etc.)
  • Identity Proof of Directors (For example voting card, Licence, Passport)
  • One Color Photograph of Directors
  • Office Address Proof
  • Minimum Two Partners
  • The directors and shareholders can be the same person
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the Directors
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for all Directors.
  • No minimum capital required
  • Partnership Deed
  • Company PAN
  • TAN
  • Current Bank Account Opening Assistance

Advantages of a Partnership Firm

Why Choose Us – the Best Partnership Registration in Pune

Delivering some of the best services to clients needing partnership registration in Pune, we have been working hard to ensure that our service propositions are top-notch and affordable. We know that most of our clients have no knowledge about the processes and legalities involved with registering a partnership firm and they need all-inclusive services to help them. Having understood this over the course our business, we have been creating impeccable and value-adding services propositions as needed by our clients regardless of the business vertical they are planning to operate at or the scope of their business. There is no doubt that partnership registration in Pune is a challenging task as one needs to go through the right channel to carry out the process hassle-free and without any problems. Having realized this, we have given shape to some of the best service options for our clients capable of meeting all the challenges prevailing in the vertical when it comes to partnership registration in Pune.

Over the years, as one of the most reliable and trusted names in the industry, we have helped a myriad of clients get the most affordable, value-adding and bespoke services as they need. With an extremely trained team of qualified and experienced professionals, we are fortified with all the procedural understanding and insights to help our clients get their partnership registration in Pune in the shortest time possible.

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