ROC Compliance for Pvt. Ltd. Company

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ROC Compliance for Pvt. Ltd. Company

All companies registered under the Companies Act, 2013 must act in accordance and compliance with the same as the laws under the act govern companies. ROC or Registrar of Companies is an established office under the governance of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The ROC covers all of the states and Union Territories in India and its main operative is to register companies under the act and make certain all the registered companies fulfill and comply with the regulations and statutes laid by the Companies Act, 2013. In India there are 22 ROCs across various states and Union Territories. In order to ensure that the businesses registered under the act are excluded from any kind of any penalties and blocking or debarment of DINs of their Directors, all companied must ensure compliance with all regulations.

OPC/One Person Company ROC Compliance

After successfully registering the company under the act, all private limited companies must file their all their annual accounts, returns details and the information from their shareholders every financial year with the Director of Registrar of Companies. Failing to do so can adversely affect the running of the company.

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Pre-incorporation/Mandatory Annual Compliances

ROC Compliance for Pvt. Ltd. Company

All private limited companies registered under the Companies Act should adhere to all following annual mandatory compliances as required. Failing to comply with any or all of them or ignoring them may lead the company to be liable for huge penalties.

Board Meetings: All private limited companies are mandated to hold at least four board meetings within a financial year and a minimum of one board meeting in a quarter. The company must ensure 1/3 or 2 directors, whichever is greater, are present during the meeting. The company must lodge and sign the minutes of the meeting and it must be maintained at the registered office of the company.


Auditor Appointment: All private limited companies must have its auditor appointed under Form AD-1 within 30 days of its registration. Since the auditor is the one solely responsible for the statutory audit of the company, it is really important that the company appoints auditor. The ROC has the legal authority to strike the company off if it fails to appoint an auditor within the timeframe given for the same.

Annual General Meeting (AGM): All private limited companies are required to hold an annual general meeting of its shareholders every once a year. It is during this meeting that the company approves its financial statements; declare dividends to shareholders; and appointment or reappointment its auditors. The AGM must be held in the city where the registration of the company has taken place.

ROC Filings: The government mandates that all details of the functioning of the company and the documents explaining the same must be maintained every year. The company must file information about the functioning of the company on such forms as AOC-4 (For Financial Statements) and MGT-7 (For Annual Return) along with others.

Statutory Registers and Records: All private limited companies are legally mandated to maintain and keep diverse registers such as Register of Members, Register of Directors, Register of Contracts, and Register of Charges at their respective head offices.

DIR-3 KYC: When the KYC details of the Directors’ are updated (In case of new companies).

Post Incorporation/Event Based Compliances

Given below are the even-based or post-incorporation compliances that you must file with the ROC. Whenever any of the following events takes place in your business after the formation, you need to ensure ROC compliance;

There are numerous forms with diverse formats to record the details of any of the events taking place in the business. And they must be filed with the Registrar of Companies. Any failure to file such details on time, companies will be liable to additional fees and/or penalties as deemed fit by the ROC.

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OPC Registration in India

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