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Trademark Renewal in Pune | Trademark Renewal Service In Pune

Trademark Renewal in Pune

One of the most trusted and reliable names for trademark renewal service in Pune, StartupPandits brings most effective, timely and affordable process to renew your trademark registration.

Trademark Renewal Service in Pune

By the very nature of trademark registration, it needs to be renewed in every ten years. Since the validity of trademark is restricted to be for a decade, companies that with to renew their trademarks must file their application for trademark renewal as per the requirements of the same. With our expertise and experience in the field, we can help you with your trademark renewal in Pune with the most affordable, top-notch and effective renewal services. As the previous registration for trademark is due for expiry, the IPR Registry will send the trademark holder a notification reminding the renewal. It so happens with many companies that over the span of ten years, most of them forget about the renewal of their trademarks. As so many changes can happen to the structure and employee roster of the company, the chances are high that proper follow-ups are not effectively done about trademark renewal. Adding to the concern is the fact that many employees who took care of the same for the company might have moved to other companies or positions leaving trademark renewal in jeopardy. This can no doubt create a lot of confusion and miscommunication in the business making it all the harder to keep track of the trademark registration, is renewal and other details. As such, if you need the required help with trademark renewal in Pune and have no idea about it, we can help you.

StatupPandits has the right experience and talent to carry out all types of trademark renewal services in Pune in the most effective of ways as you require.

Trademark Renewal in India

Trademark Renewal Procedure

In normal cases, trademark renewals are done in two days;

Apply with Change

Sometimes, there are some changes to the trademark registered in terms of an image or a word. If there are any such changes, the application for trademark renewal must be done with these changes.

Apply Without Change

If you have not made any changes to the brand name, tagline, logo and other brand elements that you have previously registered, then you can apply the renewal without any changes to the existing ones.

What Happens When You Miss to Renew the Trademark?

It can happen that you miss the date for your trademark renewal, and it could be because of any reasons. If you have missed renewing your trademark registration, do not worry. We have your back. There is a restoration process developed to applicants who miss their trademark renewal since it tends to happen naturally. Under Section 25(4) of the Trademark Act, 1994, you apply for restoration with the prescribed fee. You will have one year to do this since the expiry of the trademark registration. The IPR Registrar will check the cases not infringing the rights of third parties and as he/she receives non-objection from them, the application will be processed.

Why Choose Us—the Best Trademark Renewal in Pune

One of the most reliable and responsible names in the industry for trademark registration in Pune, StartupPandits is your perfect partner for all kinds of trademark registration and renewal services. Leveraging our experience that spans over a decade, we can meet any of your trademark renewal requirements in the most effective and efficient of ways. We have associated with a myriad of clients from diverse business verticals and industry sectors with their trademark renewal requirements. As such, we understand the needs of the clients perfectly. We know that each client comes with a unique request and needs, and hence we offer them with the most value-adding and tailor-made solutions that conform to their budgetary and timely confines. What makes us one of the best places for trademark renewal services in India is the associations and network we have with some of the most renowned and reputed lawyers, company secretaries and chartered accounts. This adds to the already immensely knowledge that we have in this field. Hence, no matter what the challenge is, we are fortified everything to help you. In our efforts to offer the most effective trademark renewal in Pune, we have also developed a team that is well-trained, qualified and experienced to work with you and render you with all the support you need.

OPC Registration in India
If you are trying to find the most experienced name offering trademark renewal services in Pune, StartupPandits, it is. You can talk to our client support team and get the details you need to being our project.

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