URGENT AND IMPORTANT- Annual Maintenance Contract

As you might know, all companies need to audit and file their Annual IT tax returns and ROC return filings mandatory by the due dates to avoid penalties and future obligations from the government departments related to the non-filing of timely returns. We at Envizi provide these services for you so that your company is a fully compliant and healthy state.

List of work completed by us under IT return filings are mentioned below :

  1. Inc tax return
  2. Accounting
  3. Balance sheet
  4. Profit and loss account
  5. Statutory audit


Further, in addition to the above financial compliance, there are also the mandatory ROC compliance filings which need to be done, List of that compliance at a glance are mentioned below :

  1. Form ADT 1
  2. Form DIR 3 KYC
  3. Form AOC 4
  4. Form MGT 7
  5. Share Certificates
  6. AGM
  7. Board Meetings
    8.Active Tagging ( if applicable )
  8. FREE Event-based compliance services ( only actual govt fees applicable, no professional fees )

( PART B )

Again Offer you our Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC ) PACKAGE proposal, for managing and completing all the above mandatory compliance within time limits and assure you and your company follow legal and financial adherence and ensure healthy business for the year to come.


BENEFIT WITH US: We have all your company incorporation documents with us as your company was incorporated by us, so it makes easier for us and you to complete the compliance without asking you for a long list of documents.

*Imp Note: GST returns filing is not included in the above quotes or package, in case GST filing is required, the same would cost INR 1000 per month up to 15 to 20 invoices and can be discussed if even transactions more.

What are you waiting for? Has the ROC Compliance for your business done right away with ROC Compliance services in Pune with StartupPandits by entering into an AMC with us? Run your business better, drive more business—let the experts take care of legal.